Sculpture Gallery Sculpture Gallery Cavallo Agitato - Medium : Re-enforced Resin / : Dimensions : 2 metres high x 24cm long x18cm wide 'Cavallo Agitato' means restless horse. The imagery being conveyed is the horses strength and force .This sculpture is purposefully elevated to initiate in the observer, a sense of intimidation by a majestic and powerful animal. 189641886 Sumo's : Medium: Re-enforced Resin and wood / Dimensions : 30cm high x 18cm wide x 24cm long In our world of diminishing space, these two wrestlers grapple for the little space they have. They are caught in the art of trying to get their opponent to touch the ground, or is their massive size making them struggle for ground? 189897485 Guffo Triste : Medium Hebel / Dimensions 60cm longx 30cm wide/30cm deep 'Sad Owl' - Portents of Wisdom, owls fly past our windows at night, wispering into our dreams and enlightning us about truth. 189898489 Lela : Medium : Re-inforced Resin / Size : 35cm long x 16cm x 20cm Lela was our dog for 16 human years and 107 dog years. She was a very active Jack Russell that was incredibly loyal, head-strong, stubborn and brave. Her name came from the first line of the South African National Anthem 'Nkosi sikeleli Africa'. It was just modified to make it pronounceable, hence 'Lela'. 189898890 Heron Medium : Rio and reinforced resin 1000mm x 500mm x 300mm 189930447 Symbiosis :Medium : Resin, copper, pebbles / Size : 2 metres high x 3 metres wide The definition of symbiosis is : "The association of two living organisms living attached to each other or one within the other to their mutual advantage." In nature we find plants and animals living on or off each other but not harming each other and doing so amicably. In this sculpture trilogy, there is a flow of movement from one form to another nurturing one shape and yet allowing it to take from the other. The eye is lead easily between the 3 structures and colours to create a harmony. These companions are balanced and united for their mutual advantage. 189900439 Aqua Delicate : Medium : Reinforced resin, wood and plastic / Dimensions : 1 metre high by 60 cm wide Our Waterways are crucial to our existence and this water feature is a statement about how delicate the balance is. The ?plastic fish? symbolise the plastic waste in our waters that are strangling the life within them. Our life giving water needs awareness and protection against a wasteful society in order to get the balance right. 189903218 Pair : Reinforced resin, stainless steel, 300mm x 200mm x 100 mm It takes two! 203252949 Aspire : Reinfroced resin, granite 350mm x 200 mm x 200mm x 206130754 Source for the Coolemon/ Medium: Resin, Stainless steel, Perspex and sandstone Height: 1.5 metres high x 600 cm wide x 600cm long There is a multi-definition for the meaning of 'Coolamon'. It is an Indigenous Australian carrying vessel. It can literally be used as a cradle for babies, for water, to carry fruit and nuts or for the transportation of fire kindling and for burying the dead. What is expressed in this sculpture is the figurative source of "Nurture" for the Coolamon, it is a fountain of life, a source of plenty. 189930448 Forest Cathedral Medium: Stainless steel and perspex The solidity of the structure and the fragility of the leaves create a canopy of colour that transports the viewer to a higher place. The dappled light is reminiscent of the light through the trees in a forest. The intention, is to emulate Nature and to remind the viewer that they are in a place of worship. 199047226 Freestyle Medium : Reinforced resin and perspex Motion is captured at a moment in time, when a swimmer lifts his head to take a breath, breaking the meniscus of the water around him as he does so. 199047560 Pod Platter : Resin, PVC, copper, Perspex 900mm x 300mm x 300 mm Pod platter is about the potential promise of plenty. Nature's bounty is being offered with the anticipation of what is to come, it fires the imagination of future revelations. 204332507 Colori Piegato : Perspex, bolts and screws, 500mm x 300mm x 200 mm Folded Colour 205700797 Coastal Colours : Perspex, Stainless steel 300mm x 300mm We are surrounded by wonderful colours in the form of Flora and Fauna, that are resonant in this work and that are in abundance on the Central Coast of NSW. 204332482 Curves and Bends : Perspex 205788818 La Foglia : Perspex, Stainless Steel 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm 205788819 Sharp Woman :Medium : Reinforced resin and granite / Dimensions : 30cm high x 30cm long x10cm wide This work reflects a mindset of how I see 'women' today. They are elegant and strong. Our modern woman can not only multi - task but she is ever more alert, progressive and even bold in dealing with the challenges of her life. She may, underneath the exterior, be vulnerable and sensitive but on the surface she is polished, desirable and above all she is beautiful. 189897484 Il sogno dell'eden - Medium: Re-enforced Resin and wood / Dimensions: 33cm long x 32cm high x 10cm wide 'Dreaming of Eden' is inspired by the Renaissance Period where the female form was portrayed as being curvaceous, beautiful and was considered perfect. 'Eden' we are told was a place of perfection. In these Modern times, the Human Race is constantly striving for perfection. Can it ever be achieved? Is perfection in the eye of the beholder, or is it only in our dreams? 189896735 Stella- Bella -Tarantella :Medium : Resin (disguised as bronze) / Size : 15cm wide by 30cm high Stella is a carefree woman that enjoys a good celebration; she is dancing the 'Tarantella' and is exuding happiness. 189898490 Amazon - Medium : Re-enforced Resin / Size : A metre and a half high and 60cm wide. This powerful torso is a symbol of feminine strength and Independence. From Greek Mythology, Amazonian women were fierce warriors and were grand in stature. 'Amazon' stands alone. She is proud. She is beautiful and, she fights her own battles. 189641855 Child's pose :Medium : Re-inforced Resin / Size : 800cm x 400cm x 30cm 'Child's Pose' is an initial position in Yoga that stretches one's back. This sculpture lends itself to capture security, serenity and grace. 189898891 Mirella : Medium Reinforced resin 20cmx 10cm x 10cm 189903217 Fun, Free and Fabulous: Reinforced resin, 300mm x 200mm x 100mm These three women feel liberated with the choices that they can make in their lives, to travel, to study or to create. There is freedom in feeling good and living life to the full! 203252950 'It Ain't Over Until Martha Swims' : Reinforced resin 2000mm x 2000mm x 600 mm Is it ever really over? 203252804 Lola Reinforced Resin, 2000mm x 2000mm x 600mm 205307794 Mable, Myrtle and Mavis : Ceramic 300mm x 200mm x100mm 205700799 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish : Ceramic 300 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm 205715500 Fish : Hebel 900mm x 300mm x 200mm 205788710 Fish Trilogy : Reinforced resin 205788711 Sugoi Koi : Reinforced Resin 2000mm x 500mm x 500mm 206248447 Penelope Puffer Reinforced Resin 800mm x 800mm x 800mm 206374067 Patsy Puffer - Reinforced Resin 206374068 Penelope and Patsy Puffer 206374066 Sugoi Koi - Reinforced Resin 2000mm x 500mm x 500mm 206374088 Gertrude : Ceramic 500mm x 200mm x 150mm 205701559 Lilah - Ceramic 206374100 Agnes - Ceramic 206385578 Violet (Vi) - Ceramic 206385580 Madge - Ceramic 206385579 Rocket Fish Trilogy 206551754 Fuchsia - Reinforced Resin 206551755 Buella - Bronze, sandstone 206551756